Can the Thunder stop Aldridge? By Landon Smith.

On the past two games of the Thunder vs. Spurs series LeMarcus Aldridge has been an unstoppable weapon by the Spurs, Averaging 38 against OKC shouldn’t go unnoticed by the Thunder. In the first of the series Aldridge massed 38 points in their blow out of KD and the Thunder and since then in the second game, where they lost by one, he got forty one points and now the Thunder have a couple choices.

Number one: Serge Ibaka has to be ready to defend the jump shot that Aldridge takes a lot. Second: Russell Westbrook has to play tight defense on Tony Parker because he is assisting Aldridge for his layups and jump shots. Parker averages 5.3 assists per game. These things need to happen for the OKC Thunder if they want to win.

OKC vs. SA. Series tied 1-1
GS vs. POR. GS leads 2-0
CLE vs. ATL. CLE leads 2-0
TOR vs. MIA. Series tied 1-1


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