Can the Warriors win without Curry? By Landon Smith.

In game four of the Houston vs. Golden State Stephen Curry was running down the court while defending James Harden and then slipped because of a wet spot that was missed. The Warriors later learned that Curry had a grade one MCL sprain which would put him out for about two weeks. The Warriors were glad that it wasn’t worse, but with a upcoming series against Portland or Los Angeles this could be bad. Thankfully for the Warriors they would be facing the Portland Trailblazers the five seed, but would no Steph be worse then expected? Not at all, Klay Thompson carried the team with Draymond Green to a twelve point game one victory. And another win in game two lead by Draymond Green. Curry has said that there is a “Pretty good chance” that he will play in game three in Portland, but the Warriors now need to think about maybe saving Curry for Kawhi, Westbrook, or LeBron. With long term playing in mind some say that Curry should wait on playing in the Golden State vs. Portland series just in case of another injury.

So can the Warriors win without Steph? They can win but just not against teams like the SanAntonio Spurs and the OKC Thunder, I would say that the Warriors shouldn’t use Curry in this series because Portland is a team that they can already beat without Curry so they should rest him for the Western Conference Final. Curry might be able to play game three but it also might not be the best idea.


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