My Career: LeBron is a 96?

I like NBA 2K16 but WHY is LeBron James a 96 with Anthony Davis? LeBron James shouldn’t be a 96 probably because he blows layups shots and can be stolen from easily. In one game in season mode he turned it over SIX times- he is a 96 rating why does he commit six turnovers. Also his shooting is not that good, I admit he is pretty good in real life but does not do double pump baseline posters on DeAndre Jordan. Now my other point why is Anthony Davis a 96 he is good but not better five rating points better then Steph Curry. Now my top four messed up ratings.

  1. Stephen Curry is a 91. WHY. LeBron James is not better then Steph and neither is Anthony Davis, or KD.
  2. LeBron James is a 96. WHY. He is pretty good in real life but not a 96 2K16 star.
  3. Anthony Davis is a 96. WHY. Anthony Davis by far not the best player in the NBA.
  4. Draymond Green is a 83. WHY. Draymond is a triple double machine not a layup bomber and should not be an 83.

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