Preview: Spurs vs. Thunder game 3

Spurs vs. Thunder is a big and exciting series in the west but the last two games have been interesting.

Game One: Spurs blow out the Thunder- you would think the Thunder would at least put up a fight.

Game Two: Thunder win because of the Refs missing five calls at the end of the game.

So now with that behind both teams they need to focus on a couple things.

Spurs: Try to keep Westbrook from finishing at the rim, also keep perimeter defense up on  Westbrook.

Thunder: STOP LEMARCUS ALDRIDGE- the Thunder have had a huge struggle defending Aldridge -they need to step it up.

Spurs: Keep KD from getting open jump shots and layups- this was a small problem in game one.

Thunder: They need to stop the scoring nature of Kawhi Leonard- Leonard is averaging above the twenties in scoring. They need to stop Kawhi.


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