Ranking Kyrie Irving’s Playoff Performance

Kyrie Irving has become the Cav’s leading scorer with 25 PPG just two above LeBron James. Kyrie played twenty three minutes and collected nineteen points, six assists, and two rebounds in last nights blow out of the Hawks. Ranking Irving is not a hard thing to do because of an injured Steph Curry, and no CP3 but Irving still has to be ranked behind players like LeMarcus Aldridge, and Klay Thompson. I would rank Kyrie number 4 on the list and here is the list.

  1. LeMarcus Aldridge- He is just unstoppable against the Thunder with 39 PPG he is No.1.
  2. Klay Thompson- This seems like an odd pick but he has been great in the absence of Steph Curry with 25.9 PPG this post season.
  3. Russell Westbrook- 24.7 PPG and 10.4 assists this Thundering performance can’t go unnoticed.
  4. Kyrie Irving- He has become the Cav’s face of the playoffs with two more PPG then LeBron James He deserves this placing.
  5. Kevin Durant- With 24.9 PPG and a little below Kyrie is KD. He had a good first round performance and a slow second round one but has come to place number five.

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