2016 Regular Season Player Rankings

sc pics.jpg

  1. Stephen Curry- Steph was amazing to watch this season he also left the regular season with over 400 threes.

2.Kawhi Leonard- Kawhi was a defensive and scoring machine this season also winning the defensive player of the year award.

3.Russell Westbrook- from dunks to shots Westbrook did a lot for the Thunder this  season.

4. James Harden- Harden has a great ability to draw contact for a foul, and he used this as he led his team in scoring, and also was the second in the NBA for points per game.

5.Kevin Durant- Durant, also with the Thunder, was a great player for OKC to have, with great shooting and driving.


1 Comment

  1. Obviously I do agree with Stephen Curry ranked number one and also with most of the people on the list but I believe James Harden needs to be taken off the list and Lebron James needs to be put at no.2. The only reason is because everyone on this list plays defense except Harden. I love your content though. It’d be an honor if you checked out my blog though.


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