Can The Trailblazers Get Back Into The Series?

d. lillard dunking.jpg

The Warriors currently lead the Portland Trailblazers in a 2-0 series, but can the Trailblazers take advantage of no Steph Curry? The Trailblazers have a good opportunity to beat or come close to beating the Golden State Warriors, but a couple things need to happen first before they try to take down the defending champions. One: Damian Lillard has to attack the rim more then he is now. Lillard is the Trailblazer’s star he needs to take advantage of not playing on Steph. Two: Mason Plumlee needs to at least try to out rebound Andrew Bogut. The reason the Warriors win is because of their great scoring offense and they get boards all day on Portland. Three: Portland has to finish their shots. They just miss a lot of shots sometimes and they need to work on finishing against the Warriors offense.These things need to happen in order for Portland to win against Golden State.


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