My Career: Spurs vs. Rockets

The San Antonio Spurs are seventh in the nation while we are fourth or fifth. This was a big game because it would give us an edge over them seeding-wise in the NBA playoffs which are approaching fast. So the game started with me hitting three threes to put us up 9-6, Manu Ginobili, who plays on the Spurs, got on a hot streak from any where on the court. My team took me out until there were about two minutes left in the second quarter. Ginobili brought the ball up the court and fired a pass to Kawhi Leonard, after this Leonard passed it in to Tony Parker. Parker thought he could put up a shot on me but this just resulted in a block. Later in the quarter Howard was shooting free throws and my coach took me out for the remaining ten seconds in the half. I went into the locker room with 17 points, a steal, and a block. In the second half I destroyed the Spurs. I lead our team into the fourth quarter with 31 points.We lead for the whole fourth quarter and never had lost our lead throughout the whole second half. I managed, through the double team, to pick up a couple more shots ending my game with 42 points, two steals, a rebound, a block, and an assist. This was my second time getting over 40 points, my career high points is currently 47. So we had taken down the seventh ranked Spurs by 14 and now we move to play the Milwaukee Bucks. After this game I moved my NBA ranking to 10th, but my position rank stayed at 6th.


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