Cavs Continue Domination Of The Hawks

cavs pics.jpgIn the Cavaliers vs. Hawks game last night the Cavs came back from a eleven point lead by the Hawks, including another barrage of threes. The Cavs won the game 121-108 and left Atlanta fans stunned. Despite Jeff Teague’s 14 assists for the Hawks, LeBron James and Kevin Love combined for two double-doubles. Channing Frye lead the Cavaliers in scoring with 27 points. The Cavaliers also came by a stunning collection of rebounds, James with 13, Kevin Love got 15, Tristan Thompson with 13, and Channing Frye with 7. In the fourth quarter it was absolute scoring mayhem for both teams, but the Cavs started to pull away with 4:23 left. At that time Jeff Teague was shooting free throws. Channing Frye followed the free throws with a three, but Kyle Korver hit a quick jump shot, and unfortunately for the Hawks they were still down by 7. But with 1:37 on the clock Love hit a three for the Cavs and they were up by ten, LeBron James followed Love’s three with making one of two free throws. So the Cavaliers continue to destroy the Hawks in a 3-0 Cavs lead. LeBron James said after the game “We are a team destined for greatness”. “We’re fighting for our playoff lives right now” Al Horford said. “At this point, we have to do some change, because what we’ve done hasn’t worked”.


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