Curry Throttles Blazers With 40

sc game pics.jpgSteph Curry made a return to the court for the Warriors on Monday coming off a knee injury. Curry annihilated the Trailblazers in overtime with a record breaking 17 points. Curry had eight assists and nine rebounds, breaking a record for most points in an overtime. The Golden State Warriors trailed by ten at halftime but lead the game by one at the end of the third quarter. Warrior’s Shaun Livingston was ejected from the game for yelling at the ref regarding a missed call. With 4:22 to go in the fourth Damian Lillard hit a driving layup to cut the deficit to a one point lead for the Warriors. Damian Lillard and the Warriors exchanged buckets for about a minute, and then with :56 seconds left Mason Plumlee raised his teams lead to three. But only to be tied with a three by Harrison Barnes with :52 seconds left. Then with one second to go Draymond Green missed a tip in, but the game still went to overtime. With 2:37 the Warriors went on a 9-0 run to be up 7 with 1:18 left. So the Warriors eventually won the game 132-125 with Steph Curry leading the way to a 3-1 Warriors lead. “You knew he’d catch his rhythm eventually.” Klay Thompson said. “He’s probably the best player in the world, the best shooter of all-time. He was getting good looks. We’ll take those all day.”Game three will be played in Oakland on Wednesday. Curry might be the first to be unanimously named league MVP.


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  1. I wish I’d seen this game! I have yet to really watch Steph Curry play in a game – I’ve just just seen some video clips of highlights. Maybe ? I’ll watch if we get a Spurs/Warriors matchup. You’re really doing a great job of summarizing the action. I don’t know how you gather all your information, but you are clearly very informed!


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