Heat Force Game Seven

wade and dragic pics.jpgGoran Dragic scored a postseason high of 30 points and Wade with 22. Despite losing Kyle Lowry on the Raptors hit 36 points in that game, and DeRozen scored 23. Luol Deng, who is on the Heat, played 41 minutes that game and DeMar DeRozen on the Raptors played 43 minutes. Dwyane Wade hit a second free throw to put his team up by nine at half, 44-53. With 2:42 to go in the fourth the Raptors were down by eight, but the Heat responded by going on a 7-3 run to close out the game. The Heat are 6-0 in its last six elimination games. In game sevens the Heat are 6-3 and the Raptors are 1-2. “We came here to try to win the game,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said. “We didn’t come here with a seven-game series in mind. it’s been a great series, they’re a championship-caliber, well-coached team, but we came in here to try to win the game. We didn’t come in here wanting a game seven.”


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