Warriors Face Elimination

sc vs thunder.jpgRussell Westbrook and Kevin Durant led the Thunder to another win over the Golden State Warriors. Westbrook scored 36 11 assists and 11 rebounds, another triple-double for the Oklahoma City point guard. Durant and Westbrook combined for 62 of their team’s 118. Andre Roberson for OKC struck the Warriors also with 17 points and 12 rebounds. The OKC bench put up a pathetic performance but the starters shocked the Warriors bad. The Warriors were down four at the end of the first quarter but trailed by 19 at halftime. Klay Thompson scored 26 for Golden State while the MVP Stephen Curry scored 19 points. Andre Igoudala for the Warriors played 34 minutes off the bench, thats more then Thompson and Andrew Bogut played. “This is a tough situation to be in, but the series isn’t over,” Curry said. The Warriors were 12-0 after losses but now their 12-1 this season. For Golden State to win they have to win tonight at home and then at OKC, and if they do force game seven they will play it at home. This is the Warrior’s first consecutive game that has been lost all season! Some asked if Curry was injured because of his bad performance. “He’s not injured,” Steve Kerr said. “He’s coming back from the knee, but he’s not injured. He just had a lousy night. It happens, even to the best players in the world.”


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