Warriors Move On To The Finals

WARRIORS ARE IN THE FINALS.jpgStephen Curry and the Warriors were down 3-1 just a few days ago and now they have won the western finals. Curry scored 36 points, eight assists, and five rebounds. Klay Thompson got 21 points and five rebounds, while Draymond Green neared a double-double. Starting for the Warriors was Andre Igoudala over Harrison Barnes, Igoudala scored seven points and four rebounds. Kevin Durant was held to 27 points and seven rebounds, and Westbrook collected a double-double. Golden State shot 46% from three, but the Thunder out rebounded the Warriors by one. Golden State became the tenth team to come back and win from being down 3-1. Steph Curry hit seven threes and Thompson made six. Thompson was cold the whole first quarter from three but later found his rhythm by hitting two threes in a row in the second quarter. Steph hit a three in his 51st straight playoff game. Now the Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals, game one is on Thursday. “This is who he is. Having a clutch performance in game 7, that’s Steph Curry,” Kerr said. “You appreciate how tough it is to get back here,” Curry said.”You’ve got to be appreciative of this accomplishment, and look forward to getting four more wins.”


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