Rockets Take Down Cavaliers

We just beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by four, I had a bad first half finishing with only five points, but I picked up in the second half. We kept up with the Cavs for the whole game, it wasn’t that hard because Kyrie Irving did not play. I tied up the game at half time with a buzzer-beater three, 47-47. I bounced back in the third and ended it with 19. In the fourth we were tied, but I got a layup to put us up two. After this I was waiting down the clock and with 6 on the shot clock I passed it in to Terrence Jones, but when he passed it back to me it went to my feet and Iman Shumpert picked it up. Then as he was passing the three point line I stole it back and Jones scored a quick layup. We eventually won the game 58-52. In this upset I collected 24 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 3 blocks all on LeBron James. We now go to play the Chicago Bulls. Our record is 46-29.


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