Warriors And Cavs Will Play In Game 7

LeBron James and the Cavaliers took down the Golden State Warriors in game 6 101-115. James scored another 41 points, while Kyrie Irving scored 23 points. Stephen Curry picked up 30 points and Klay Thompson hit 25. Curry was ejected late in the fourth because he was outraged about a foul the refs called on him, it was his sixth foul. “He gets six fouls called on him, three of them were absolutely ridiculous,” Steve Kerr said. “As the MVP of the league, we’re talking about these touch fouls in the NBA Finals. I’m happy he threw his mouthpiece.” “I don’t think I fouled Kyrie or LeBron,” Curry said. In my opinion the officiating has been slanted in favor of Cleveland for the whole finals. In the third quarter Curry stole the ball from Kyrie Irving, but the refs called a foul on Curry. The Cavs led at the end of the first 31-11, but later in the fourth the Dubs had come within 7. That soon slipped. Cleveland will now play Golden State in a game seven at Oakland. Stephen Curry broke a record for threes in an NBA Finals, he has hit 27.


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