NBA Season Countdown: The Season Rematches

russwst.jpg   OKC vs. GSW

This NBA season has a lot of rematches either from the playoffs or from the regular season. Here are the five best games to watch during the 2016-2017 NBA regular season.

  1. Thunder vs. Warriors. This game is going to be a great West Finals rematch, also Kevin Durant will match up against his former team the OKC Thunder, and Russell Westbrook.

2. Bulls vs. Heat. This matchup is good because of Dwayne Wade’s moving to play for Chicago. I would watch this if Wade was still on the Heat but him being on the Bulls makes it all the better.

3. Cavaliers vs. Warriors. The finals rematch is finally here. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant play Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. One of the best games of the year. These teams play twice this season, but the second one will be more of a game seven rematch.

4. Hawks vs. Rockets. This is the game where a Houston Rockets team, without Dwight Howard, will attempt to beat the Hawks, who Dwight Howard signed with. After losing Al Horford the Hawks did not really have a center, but then they signed Howard.

5. Sixers vs. Lakers. This game isn’t like the others, it is not a revenge match. Its first pick Ben Simmons against the Lakers number two pick, Brandon Ingram. These teams were the worst two teams last year, but this first pick on second pick makes it a little easier to watch.


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