NBA Season Countdown: Top 15 Season Rankings

Rankings are projected into the 2016-2017 season. Here are the top 15 players going into the 2016-2017 NBA season.

  1. Stephen Curry -PG-GSW-96. Specialty: 3pt

2. Kevin Durant -SF-GSW-94. Specialty: 3pt

3. Russell Westbrook -PG-OKC-93. Specialty: Inside Scorer

4. Kawhi Leonard -SF-SA-92. Specialty: Defense

5. LeBron James -SF-CLE-92. Specialty: Inside Scorer

6. James Harden -PG-HOU-90. Specialty: 3pt

7. Chris Paul -PG-LAC-90. Specialty: Assisting

8. Paul George -SF-IND-90. Specialty: Inside Scorer

9. Anthony Davis -C-NO-90. Specialty: Inside Scorer

10. Kyle Lowry -PG-TOR-90. Specialty: Assisting

11. Kyrie Irving -PG-CLE-89. Specialty: Inside Scorer

12. Draymond Green -PF/C-GSW-89. Specialty: Defense 

13. DeAndre Jordan -C-LAC-89. Specialty: Posterizing

14. DeMarcus Cousins -C-SAC-89. Specialty: Posterizing

15. Klay Thompson -SG-GSW-87. Specialty: 3pt


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