Game Time: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks


r8ZAg5lD.jpg                          NBA SEASON IS HEREbball never stops.png

The first NBA game of the season for the Cavs and the Knicks is tonight, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose finally face off today.

What Cleveland Needs to do

  1. Their defense has to play well- Cleveland’s defense has held up but at sometimes their defense can be shaky, their team leaders have to see all the Knick’s offensive threats for them to win tonight.

2. LeBron has to have a good game- On Cleveland when LeBron steps up their whole team does, they hit shots and they especially win when their at home. James has to preform for the Cavs to win.

What New York Needs to do

  1. They need to live up to their projections- The Knicks have been snatching up every free agent they could want in the offseason, now they need to have them pay off for them.

2. They need to keep the Cavs from the three-point line- Cleveland can knock down open threes and contested threes, the Knicks need to mostly keep Kyrie Irving and J.R. Smith from that line if they want to win.


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