NBA Awards 2017

westb       jharden1

These are the players that I think should receive the real awards in the NBA. The real NBA awards will be announced on a awards show in June after the Finals and after the season. I will be giving out awards for MVP (Most Valuable Player), DPOY (Defensive Player of the year), MIP (Most improved player), ROY (Rookie of the year), COY (Coach of the year), and Sixth Man of the year.

MIP: Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannas has been an incredible player for the Milwaukee Bucks, he helped them immensely to get to the playoffs. At 23 points per game and 9 rebounds a game he is my most improved player.

DPOY: Draymond Green. Green is the 1st in Defensive rating (99.3), 1st in steals (2 per game), 2nd in blocks (295), and tied for 1st in Defensive field goal percentage at the rim (43.9%). I think that says it all.

COY: Mike D’Antoni. D’Antoni has created a great offense in Houston. He has turned around the Rockets from a 41 win team to a 55 win team. They are the 3rd seed in the west and have the 3rd best record in the NBA.

ROY: Dario Saric. Saric has done a lot of good for a Sixers team without their star Joel Embiid. Averaging 12.8 points per game and 6 rebounds a game. He has done well in the second half of the season giving him the edge over Embiid and Malcolm Brogden.

6th Man of the Year: Lou Williams. Williams averaged 17.5 points per game and was scoring a lot even before he was traded to the Rockets. He puts up solid numbers coming of the bench for Mike D’Antoni with Eric Gordon. Williams averaged 18.6 points per game at the Lakers and averaged 14.9 with Houston.

MVP: Russell Westbrook. Westbrook averaged a triple-double throughout the entire NBA season which had only been done once before, and he broke Oscar Robertson’s record for triple-doubles in a season. This really clinched the MVP for Westbrook in my opinion but there is more. Westbrook was not getting 15 points with his triple-doubles, he was getting 32 points. The only flaw with this is that his team did not win as much has Harden’s Rockets, but Westbrook should get MVP anyway.




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