Is it a Sweep?

Is it a sweep or not? I will name a series in the NBA Playoffs where a team is either up by two games (2-0) or up three games (3-0). And I will say if it is a sweep or not. Comment on if you think it will be a sweep.

WARRIORS 2-0 BLAZERS. I say it’s a sweep, mostly because the way the Warriors were playing in game 2 without Kevin Durant. The Warriors held the Blazers to 33% shooting, that’s great defense considering that you don’t have Kevin Durant playing for you that game. The Warriors have a way with getting everyone involved with passing and they can also score better than Portland, so the only way the Blazers win a game is if the Warriors struggle and the Blazers don’t.

ROCKETS 2-0 THUNDER. Not a sweep. If there is any series that is guaranteed to not be a sweep it is this series. We have Russell Westbrook playing against these Rockets, thats a pretty good reason for why this is not a sweep. But the team needs to be scoring together and needs to be playing as a whole for OKC in order to win. Westbrook can’t be the only one scoring. But the Rockets are going into OKC for game three, a tough place to win at especially in the playoffs.

WIZARDS 2-0 HAWKS. Not a sweep. The Hawks aren’t really playing that badly this series against the Wizards. They had the scoring there from the starters in game 2 but the bench didn’t come through, scoring only 14 points. Their starters scored 87 points to the Wizards 84. So the starters scoring was practically the same but the Wizards bench outscored the Hawks bench 25-14, and the Wizards shot 5% better from the field and 11.8% better form three. The Hawks defense forced 18 turnovers in game 2, but they need to get the percentages and scoring up to win.

BULLS 2-0 CELTICS. Not a sweep. The Celtics should win a game against the Bulls with Rajon Rondo now out for the Bulls, but the Bulls still look good. Isaiah Thomas is scoring great numbers but his teammates need to step up the scoring. The Celtics don’t look like the first seed that they are. Their rebounding is not good at all on offense and defense. The Celtics need scoring and rebounding to win in game 3.

CAVALIERS 3-0 PACERS. Sweep. This is definitely a sweep. The Cavs just came back from down 25 at halftime in game 3. The Pacers looked great in the first half when they were killing Cleveland, but LeBron took over in the second half. All these games have been close but I don’t see the Pacers taking game 4.


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