Warriors Win a Close One On the Suns


sceb.jpgKevin Durant and the Warriors took down the Suns last night 106-100 on the road. Warrior’s Kevin Durant scored 37 while Steph Curry had 28 points, they combined for 65 points! T.J. Warren of the Suns had 26 points and 6 rebounds, Eric Bledsoe scored another 21 for Phoenix. The Dubs were 8 for 29 from deep and shot 42% from the field. The Suns were 35% for three and 41% from the field. The Suns dominated the offensive and defensive glass with 39 total rebounds to Golden State’s 36. Tyson Chandler for the Suns grabbed 18 of those boards. This game came very close but the Warriors eventually hung on for the win 106-100. The Warriors now go to play the Trailblazers. While the Suns go to play the Clippers.

NBA First Week Headlines

Spurs 129-100 Warriors

Spurs destroyed the Warrior’s super team debut, Kawhi Leonard scored a career high 35 points in the Spurs victory. Kevin Durant had 27 points, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. Steph Curry had 26 points. The Warrior’s bench was destroyed scoring very little in their defeat. The Dubs play tonight against the Pelicans.

Damian Lillard Racks up the Buckets in Portland’s Victory 113-104

Damian Lillard scored 39 points against the Jazz on the NBA’s opening night. Portland most recently lost to the Clippers, but Lillard has begun his hunt for an MVP.

Anthony Davis Scores 50 despite losing.

Anthony Davis scored 50 points and over 15 rebounds in the Pelican’s first game. Although Davis lit it up in scoring the Pelicans lost of 5. Davis now begins looking for what would be his first MVP award.

DeMar DeRozen Scores 40 in Raptor’s Win.

On Wednesday the Raptors beat the Pistons 109-91 DeMar DeRozen scored and amazing 40 points. DeRozen adds one more person scoring over 35 on the NBA’s first week. The Raptors lost to the Cavs most recently.

Rockets Take Down Cavaliers

We just beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by four, I had a bad first half finishing with only five points, but I picked up in the second half. We kept up with the Cavs for the whole game, it wasn’t that hard because Kyrie Irving did not play. I tied up the game at half time with a buzzer-beater three, 47-47. I bounced back in the third and ended it with 19. In the fourth we were tied, but I got a layup to put us up two. After this I was waiting down the clock and with 6 on the shot clock I passed it in to Terrence Jones, but when he passed it back to me it went to my feet and Iman Shumpert picked it up. Then as he was passing the three point line I stole it back and Jones scored a quick layup. We eventually won the game 58-52. In this upset I collected 24 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 3 blocks all on LeBron James. We now go to play the Chicago Bulls. Our record is 46-29.

Paul George And Kobe To Be On 2K17 Cover


pg on 2K.jpgkobe.jpgPaul George helped in 2K Sport’s announcement of the “legends edition” of 2K17 but George might have a larger role in the game then just promoting it. On a now-deleted list on Sony’s website they said that George and Bryant will be on the cover. George made the All-NBA third team, and pushed the Raptors to game seven in the playoffs. George has proved that he is still a all-star in the NBA. Bryant, on the other hand, just completed his last NBA season with a 60-point career-ender. Paul George hasn’t been on any video game covers besides MyNBA2K16, the mobile version of 2K, until now.

Ratings Updated

The ratings on NBA 2K16 finally got updated and some player rankings are still messed up. The couple ratings that I do like are these.

  1. Stephen Curry. Steph Curry finally got updated to a higher ranking of 96, I will take 96 anytime over 91 for Curry.
  2. Damian Lillard. Lillard got updated to a 86 rank over a previous 84 ranking. Lillard is quick and easy to shoot with so that is why I like this rating.
  3. Kristaps Porzingis. Porzingis was formerly a 73 which I didn’t think he deserved, he also got his outside scoring up in the A’s.
  4. Dwight Howard. Howard is now stripped of his 88 rating which I didn’t think he deserved because of his tendency to miss layups and not play very well.
  5. CJ McCollum. McCollum was previously a 67 and now is a 82 which is fitting for the most improved player.

Now these are the top five most messed up ratings.

  1. LeBron James. I did not like the 96 rating but I really don’t like the new 97 rating.
  2. Draymond Green. I mean I said he should go up but not to a 95!
  3. Kyle Lowry. Lowry is now a 91 as opposed to a 82, I would shoot more for the 85 area instead.
  4. Anthony Davis. Davis is still a player rated in the 90’s, he is a 94 but I would give him more of a 88 or 89 but not a 94.
  5. Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is a pretty good player but I don’t know about a 90

Gamer Takes Advantage Of NBA 2K16 Limited Edition 99 Rated Steph Curry

sc in 2K.jpgFor 30 hours NBA 2K16 honored Steph Curry’s unanimous MVP award by giving him a 99 rating in the game. One gamer scored a whopping 334 points in one game. @NA_Colosimo posted a screen shot of his stats from the game from playing with Curry. This 99 rating makes Steph Curry the best shooter in NBA 2K history. @NA_Colosimo shot 102 of 127 from three with Steph, thats 80.3% from three. For these 30 hours Steph Curry has become unstoppable like in real life.

My Career: Bucks Near Overtime

In yesterday’s My Career game between the Houston Rockets and the Milwaukee Bucks we took an the game to an interesting end. I started off our game with three threes, but then my coach took me out until about two minutes left in the second quarter. I managed to pull off one block before halftime, I also ended the half with one assist and 14 points. In the second half things got interesting. We cut the deficit to about 4 or 6 through out the second half, and then we tied it in the fourth quarter. Terrence Jones got an and one and finished the shot, we were up one. I started to hit a couple threes and brought our lead to up three. Then at the end of the game I had 31 points and Harden had the ball with ten seconds. We were down one and Harden passed me the ball, I rimmed in a three to put us up by two. The Bucks called a timeout with six seconds left. Then they got the ball in, the man I was defending got around me with three seconds and missed a game tying layup, but even worse they missed the tip in. So we had won again 68-66, I won player of the game with 34 points, bringing my average up to almost 19 PPG. I then got an update saying that I had won rookie of the month.