Exciting Weekend for the Playoffs

First: The Grizzlies beat the Spurs in game 4 off a Marc Gasol buzzer beater. Second: Stephen Curry led the Warriors to a road victory by 6 against the Blazers in game 3. Third: The Cavaliers won off of a missed shot by Paul George to win the series. And Fourth: The Houston Rockets extended their lead over OKC to 3-1 as they won by some OKC missed free throws and some made free throws by Houston.

For me the most exciting game was the Houston vs OKC game. Steven Adams perfectly missed a free throw and then kicked it out to Westbrook for a deep three to give them hope of winning. For me that was the most exciting part of the game, but Houston did come back to win from down 12 in the third. But OKC might not be done yet. We saw Golden State come back from down 3-1 to beat the Thunder last year in the West Finals, and we also saw Cleveland become the first team to come back from down 3-1 to win the NBA Finals. So they might not be done yet.

Back to Indiana now for the first series win of the playoffs. Cleveland beat the Indiana Pacers in game 4 to clinch the first round series. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving combined for 61 points. James played 44 minutes and scored 33. The Cleveland Cavaliers ended the game with only 11 assists 29% shooting from three. I don’t feel like 11 assists will get you past a lot of teams, except the Pacers. But Cleveland moves on to play either the Bucks or the Raptors.

Those were my favorite games from last weekend in the NBA Playoffs, comment on your favorite games upcoming or past! For me I can’t wait for the NBA Finals, 37 day countdown starts now!

Three Upsets

First, the Toronto Raptors got blown out at home in game one against the Milwaukee Bucks. Second, the Los Angeles Clippers lost at home in game one by a Joe Johnson buzzer-beater. And Third, the 1 seeded Celtics lost at home to the Chicago Bulls on TNT. The Bulls winning streak on TNT apparently exists even in the NBA Playoffs.

BUCKS 97-83 RAPTORS. The Raptors got destroyed in game one by a Giannis Antetokounmpo led Bucks team. The rookie, Malcolm Brogden, also did his part to win the game for the Bucks as he scored 16 points and 6 rebounds. Toronto did terrible in this game, their All-Star Kyle Lowry only scored 4 points and the Raptors shot 36% overall and 22% from three. They also only passed for 15 assists and turned the ball over 10 times, as opposed to the Bucks 5 turnovers and 45% shooting. Hopefully for Toronto they can do better and improve going into game 2 trailing 1-0.

JAZZ 97-95 CLIPPERS. Despite losing the Clippers didn’t preform terribly. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin combined for 51 points, 14 assists, and 14 rebounds. But somehow they still lose even though the Jazz were missing Rudy Gobert, their star defensive player. Joe Johnson had 21 points off the bench, including the game winner over Jamal Crawford. The Jazz shot 48% overall, 42% from three, and 47 bench points. While the Clippers shot 44% overall, 33% from three, and 20 bench points. The Clippers have a good chance to win game two, but they will have to go harder than they did in game 1.

BULLS 106-102 CELTICS. The Bulls pulled off an unlikely upset over the 1st seed. Chicago’s winning streak on TNT continues into the NBA Playoffs. Isaiah Thomas played well the whole game but that wouldn’t be enough to beat Chicago. Jimmy Butler took over in the fourth quarter for the Bulls, while Isaiah Thomas didn’t get a lot of help in scoring from his teammates. We will see if the Bulls can pull another upset in game two to go up 2-0 headed home to Chicago. Isaiah Thomas will play in game 2 but probably not in game 3, so he can spend time with his family after losing his sister in a car accident. Game 2 is in Boston on TNT, can the Bulls keep the streak?


WARRIORS 1-0 BLAZERS. Game 2 is Wednesday.

JAZZ 1-0 CLIPPERS. Game 2 is tonight.

ROCKETS 1-0 THUNDER. Game 2 is Wednesday

SPURS 2-0 GRIZZLIES. Game 3 is Thursday.

BULLS 1-0 CELTICS. Game 2 is tonight.

WIZARDS 1-0 HAWKS. Game 2 is Wednesday.

BUCKS 1-0 RAPTORS. Game 2 is tonight.

CAVALIERS 2-0 PACERS. Game 3 is Thursday.