Top 5 MVP Rankings



  1. Russell Westbrook-RATING-95
  2. James Harden-RATING-93
  3. Isaiah Thomas-RATING- 90
  4. LeBron James-RATING- 95
  5. Kevin Durant-RATING- 94


  1. Kawhi Leonard
  2. Stephen Curry
  3. DeMarcus Cousins
  4. Anthony Davis
  5. DeMar DeRozen


Oct. 25-29 Rankings

These are the top 5 performances from Oct. 25-29

  1. Anthony Davis- 50 points, 16 rebounds

2. DeMar DeRozen- 40 points

3. James Harden- 34 points, 17 assists (career high!)

4. Damian Lillard-39 points, 9 rebounds

5. Kawhi Leonard- 35 points, 5 steals



Shoes of the Week

  1. KD's.jpgKD’S. These are the No.1 Shoe of the Week.
  2. JHarden's.jpgHARDEN’S. These are the No.2 Shoe of the Week.
  3. pDSP1-23477875p275w.jpgCURRY’S. These are the No.3 Shoe of the Week.
  4. Kyrie shoes.jpgKYRIE’S. These are the No.4 Shoe of the Week.JW shoes.jpgWALL’S. These are the No.5 Shoe of the Week.


JHarden's.jpgJames Harden plays for the Houston Rockets- I have not seen many shoes by James Harden, but these are really cool shoes. The red and black colors go well together, along with the Nike swoosh on the shoe. These shoes by James Harden have a nice low top look and they also rank in the top five shoes of the week.


KD's.jpgKevin Durant is signed with Nike- he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. I like the red and orange colors on this shoe by Nike, also the black KD logo on the shoe. These are better then most KD’s I see, and take a spot in the top five shoes of the week. This shoe has a nice bright color to it. This is a very good shoe by Kevin Durant.


Kyrie shoes.jpgKyrie Irving is signed with Nike and plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers. These Kyries are really cool with the nice red color and black mixed with it. I also like the Kyrie symbol on the shoe- the colors of this shoe go together well. I usually like Irving’s shoes but these are more then that. These are definitely good Nike shoes by Kyrie Irving.